Lumag run a highly optimised expertly built website, simply being marked on our dealer map with you contact details will increase your online presence and drive customers to your door.
As part of our service we have developing an online marketing package. We can offer an excellent price a fully functioning ecommerce website already “preloaded” with Lumag products. This can be simply quickly and easily modified and rebranded to your company requirements. Giving you near instant access to millions of new customers other products can easily be added if required (no products comparative to Lumags can be added).
The second part of this is the Lumag youtube channels these offer an excellent opportunity for customers to get a better look at the products before they buy. Being on Youtube they are very easily found on a web search and are great for driving customers to us and therefore you!!!
To become a dealer you can either contact us by phone or the contact form. We will check you out as a dealer, you will then be provided with a dealer login for the website that will give you the dealer pricing.
The other method of becoming a dealer would be if we were to contact you to fulfill an order you will be offered a generous cut of the sale to fulfill the order and deal with the customer from that point on.
We have structured our business this way to provide the best of both world’s internet value and a local expert service.